Annyoing pops and clicks bug with OP-1 OS #235

Blockquote I’m on 218 and I have the problem. Followed your directions exactly, took about 20 seconds. Can’t believe I haven’t noticed this before :tired_face:

Blockquote In regards to your 2nd statement. I experience this when I lift all 4 Tracks. Ie. I record something to track 1 & 2 while 3 & 4 are blank. When I drop there is a red/blue line on 3 & 4 as well, but definitely still blank. I usually just lift the blank graphic.

Is this specifically what you meant @jasl??

yes this is one of the things I noticed though I am not so bothered about it - it was confusing at first but atleast it does not affect audio…
The audio problems should be prioritised. That is unnacceptable no matter how they happen.

These issues were extensively discussed here a few years ago and then after A LOT of complains (I think we even did a petition) TE provided some partial fix. You need to consider that it mat not be possible for them to improve things further without a full revamp of the tape implementation. I agree it would be very desirable but I would not hold my breath for any further improvements.

Same issue with 235. So I added drums on than clicks so it wouldn’t be so annoying.:grinning:


New user (a month in) also on 235. Glad I found this thread. This was driving me crazy!!! I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on and now happy and sad to know it’s a known issue.

The suggestion to record “silence” over it and lift is a good bandaid. At least I know I’m not hearing things. :slight_smile:

If I lift from Synth and paste it in tape mode the first part (or everything) is static noise at max level (ver. 235). Is this another known bug?

that’s a feature actually. allows you to store patches on the tape. i doubt people really use it but it’s in the manual:

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That’s awesome, thanks!