Anone using the Iconnectivity iConnectMIDI1?

Howdy! Just picked up an OP1 this week and am loving it!
I want to connect it to my Squarp Pyramid and wondered if anyone has the Iconnectivity iConnectMIDI1 working with their OP1.
Did some searching but can only find mentions of the Midi4 and not the Midi1.
Anyone out there got one?

You need a USB Host. The iConnectMIDI 1 doesn’t have that functionality, it’s just a USB MIDI interface. The iConnectMIDI 4 can work as USB host, as well as the Kenton USB MIDI Host and the very first now discontinued iConnectMIDI (without any number).

For more options and info dive into

Thanks Motone!

Ordered a Kenton