Another DOA

Just got mine in the mail yesterday. It turns on and makes some sounds but nothing on the screen. I left it plugged in for a few hours to a 2A charger and let it completely charge before trying anything else. Turned it on and nothing. It makes sounds, but the screen wouldn’t turn on. I held com while powering up and pressed 7 and the screen flashed some white vertical lines and stayed there. Turned it off for a few seconds and powered back on. It will still make noise but completely black screen.

Can someone walk me the the exact keystrokes to do a firmware upgrade blind?

Go to TE-BOOT menu by holding COM key and switching on, wait some seconds, then press 1. Connect to PC via USB, a drive should appear. Copy the unzipped op1-file to the drive, then safely remove drive, but keep the USB cable connected. Maybe you also need to press the COM key to start the upgrade, can’t remember anymore.

That should do the trick.