Another maniac concern about OP-1F keys

Hi everyone, hope you’re well.

The op-1F has become one of my favorite instruments. However, what comes naturally with this love also comes with fears, perhaps irrational ones. I’ve noticed that some of the keys on my Field are a bit wobbly, although they all work perfectly.

To be more precise: two keys, unlike the others, leave me with a very unpleasant “plastic” feel, as if something is creaking or cracking inside. Most of the time, this isn’t too bad if I press the key in the middle, but there’s definitely something wrong with these two keys.

So my question is whether this sensation is inherent to all OP-1 field keyboards, or whether mine was built by drunk people :smiley:

I’d also love to know if OG-1 owners have similar problems, as the latter seems, for reasons I don’t know, infinitely more solid.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have a great week end !

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ive wailed on my op1f keys pretty hard and they all pretty much feel the same to me. its really hard to say with just verbal desc though. can you upload a video perhaps? or expound more too?

the og is less solid but also less complicated. i know a few folks in my orbit who bought the og only a few months before the field was released and 2 of these folks developed broken/ish keys and returned their OGs.

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Hey man thanks for your reply, you’re also the person which answered my concerned on Elektronauts about the mic (by the way, TE said to me all unit produce this noise …^^), shoot out to you for your time and patience !

So to be more specific, two of my keys are producing a different “sound” than the others keys when pushed, and also feel a bit different, “cheaper” like instead of producing a satisfying “clack”, it’s making more of a “crack” sound. In other words those problematic keys are kind of pushed in two different micro times instead of one satisfying mechanic click, even tho it’s quite subtile. In addition I would say that those keys just feels more fragile, like the mechanism inside is not as tight as the other keys, but I’m speaking of quite subtle differences.

I know it’s super weird to describe it this way but this is how I feel. I’m probably overthinking and should not bother so much as long as it’s working, but even if I paid 1500 euros for mine (second hand but like new / almost never used) it’s frustrating that it’s not quite exactly perfect !

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no problem at all. happy to help always.

that sounds normal to me. i think my keys do that too now that you mention it.

Thank you for your feedback man, I suspected that it would be quite normal honestly, I just question the durability of those keys, even tho they still feel quite good overall!

no problem at all. yeah its hard to forget these little things when device is pricey like this.

ive seriously smashed these keys during finger drumming and etc and they still feel basically the same as they did when i first got it. i think they will last it seems