Another midi/USB question (microbrute)

Does anyone run midi via USB between the microbrute and the op-1? I will need to buy a new cord to connect them, so before I do, can anyone confirm they will send and receive with just one USB cord?

Sorry if this has been addressed already.

…can´t verify this, but without an active usb-host it´s not possible.

Thanks, That’s what I thought.
Why can we use USB midi of both units connected to, say, IConnect midi but not together. Maybe I just don’t understand USB midi. Hmmm…

USB MIDI requires a Host, whether an Oplab, iConnectMIDI, Kenton, or a computer, iPad, Android device, etc. If TE would some day give us the USB OTG claimed on the website in the OP-1’s specs, then the OP-1 would be able to be a USB Host and you could connect them how you envision.