Any advantages to linking OP-1 with ableton vs Other daws?

Hey guys! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Hope everyone’s doing well. I am currently using my OP-1 with some other hardware (SP404/Organelle) and Logic Pro X. I received a copy of ableton live light recently and I was wondering; are there any advantages to using the OP-1 with ableton that would make it more worthwhile to learning ableton? Is the controller mode something you guys use regularly or should I just stick to my current setup? Thanks in advance I appreciate any feedback! :pray:t3: One love.

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I love Ableton but if your workflow is better in Logic remember you can always sync the OP-1.
You also can take tracks out of the tape reel and just put them in Logic. Live has clip advantages but
the downside is you get stuck in loop world if you don’t keep progressing the Scenes. Logic is
a linear view which Ableton also has. I saw clips in the new garage band though… so I bet Logic has
something like that coming in newer versions…

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Thanks for your response man. I didn’t know GarageBand has clip view now?!? It should transfer to logic then (it better cuz I paid 200 and put 4 whole years into it!!! :sweat_smile: )

Sorry mate can you point me in the direction of how to sync logic with my op1? I wasn’t aware I could sync. I love dragging the tapes over too for mixing. Super clutch and one of the reasons I love the op1 so much! Thanks man!!! :pray:t3:

I use controller mode very rarely but it is cool. When going to a DAW I usually just record everything internally on tape and transfer the tracks. Every now and again I actually record a part straight from the jack; sync works fine with most daws with the obvious op-1 quirkiness lol.


So EXT mode in the bpm page should allow the clock to sync with anything over USB.
Hope this helps…

and to add to flybry I like taking the tape and putting it into a DAW. Then I just use the
tempo I used on the OP-1 with the DAW and make sure the clips are not warped or
anything and they all four line up perfectly. Then you can alway cut in the DAW.

The disadvantage of course is no tape tricks. Thats why I love the album side A/B.
It gives you two takes. The OP-1 version and the DAW version.


What is controller mode anyway?

mostly transport control for a few handpicked daws. It can change screens/pages and you can use the 4 knobs as encoders. Its pretty cool but I have a better option most of the time. I’m used to spacebar anyway lol