Any consensus on iOS Content Mode?

Recently purchased an OP-Z and I’m already a big fan of it.

I’ve been searching for ways backup while on the go with iOS but haven’t seem to find a consensus to whether it’s possible yet. Some say booting into OP-Z Content Mode works via USB3 Camera Kit Adapter while others say it doesn’t.

Anyone have any luck connecting and backing up with the iOS files app? Also has anyone tried with this Apple adapter with success?

This is already being discussed on this thread: iOS 13 allows mobile op-z backups

Thanks @bichuelo ! I did see that thread but was still a little confused on whether there was any success. I’ll join the conversation there.

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I ended up caving and purchased both Apple adapters to see for myself since I couldn’t seem to find a consensus on which to purchase. Here are the results:

Apple USB to Lightning adapter:

  • USB to MIDI
  • audio over USB
  • NO iOS files access (so NO OP-Z backups)

Apple USB3 Camera Kit adapter:

  • USB to MIDI (with and without lighting power)
  • audio over USB (with and without lighting power)
  • iOS files access (for OP-Z backups) (ONLY with lighting power)

I had this problem when I was trying to update my OP-Z from my iPhone (I don’t own a computer) iOS will tell you the device uses too much power but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie Cause that’s the message you get when you plug in any usb storage with the usb to lightning dongle.

My solution was to plug in a usb sound card to the dongle and plug OP-Z cable into that and the file system showed up