any fellows like me who use OP1 as an ulimate noise experimental box

first post here and a BIG HELLO .So i am Thorivos (noise in greek dictionary) .Got my OP1 almost 2 years ago when i was living in Paris (sold 2 DSI EVOLVERS desktops for that) and from that day is my prefered weapon of frequency sodomy ,noise soundscaping ,crude tapes etc. basically i am into noise making the last 15 years , but with this hellish through luxury box i really enjoy decomposing destructional muzak literally everywhere , gonna upload some video here soon playing on the streets of Athens . anyone else use it not in typical dance or hip music,or putting it direct who else f.cks it hard? pushing its little digital brain to mayhem

i do this when nobody’s looking. last time i used the accelerometer for modulation, feeding midi from an iphone spinning on its end of the usb cable. post some sounds, please.

ive been trying to upload video but meanwhille check this

i usually feed my OP1 through its input diferent analog boxes RISKING BUT HELL ITS LOVELY THE NOISE ARTIFACTS THAT COMES AFTER.

Found this the other day.

a nice one KITES thanks for pointing out this from iFaber from whom i have some great patches (old site) he seems ready to go further like i do ,i mean streching -amplifiing or by distorting INPUT/OUTPUT on our precious instrument you ve got extra /other sonic territories. i my self pass my OP1 through an analog mixer made by POLIVOKS ( TRUE MONSTER OF EG) which transforms the digital glitch in overload sweet feedback(MY LOVE )

it works?

Thorivos live vm2 from thorivos on Vimeo.

Mission accomplished mate, that’s noisy.

I like the chorus.


Yep, pure noisemaker here. I also use the OP-1 a lot for audio collage. A bit like Nurse With Wound and such...

NURSE WITH WOUND are an enorme influence ,ive got 13 LPs + from Stapleton ( I am a collectioner of all things weird avant garde rare vinyls and ex record shop owner .and yes by collage of sounds is how someone can brake or alternate the limitations of patterns

@thor - no need to use the embed code - just post the regular video url:

Yes to sound here. One of my main instruments for sound improvising. It’s an interesting hybrid of an organ/keyboard and a modular/non-keyboard instrument.

@thor My ears are bleeding but the pleasure makes it worth while. What are you feeding into the OP-1?

Well a good friend of mine Andy bolus aka EVIL MOISTURE worlds best and craziest circuit bender and much more have fixed me with some really insave boxes many of them work with crazy VOLTAGE LEAK which makes my OP 1 input squirl like a piggie.

Nice harsh noise vid!

Here’s my one OP-1 noise/experimental track - it’s just tweaking DSynth and CWO FX params while Sketch sequencer is running that Karl Marx sketch - two tracks (one to the left, the other to the right):