Any Midi Clock?

Can the OP sync to external midi clock in any way? Thinking for its sequencers.

Or can it send clock?

USB MIDI works through a OPLab, Kenton USBHost, ICM+ OG, ICM4+, a computer or iPad.

after that go to the tempo setting and make sure it says EXT in the middle box.

If not does anyone have any thoughts on wether it misses out without or not?

I was hoping on syncing with other outboard sequencers/arps.

what are you trying to connect it to?

Thanks dimi3.

Do you know if the ICM2+ works or does it need to be +4?

A midied up monotribe,plus miniak,ER1,micro korg.
The monotribe acts as a midi bridge to analogue gear and I use an iPod aswell.

it would need to be a +4 because you need a host. but if you use an iPod that should work as the host for the +2.

The other thing you can do with the iPod is:
use the camera connect add a powered hub.
then you can connect a bunch of things
the iPod is then the host
You’ll need something like the app MIDI Bridge

Thanks a lot dimi3.
I’ll probably come back to you again with this one ,but that’s awsome.