Any one else doing the RPM challenge (one album in one month)?

I opted in late, like on the 4th or 5th of the month, but I’m still confident I will finish on time. LOTS of OP-1 on this album and lots of Korg DS-10. Some Volca, Microbrute, and DR-550. Plus electric guitar, and violin (something I’ve never really played before now). All moving along, but totally sucking time from all other projects. Also, I’m moving so fast, I can already tell the mastering will be uneven (I’m recording on analog cassette, so my options there are limited, hopefully I can figure it out before it’s over).

Here’s a link:

A veteran from 2009, 2010 and 2011 here. Signed up again this year but not sure if will finish because of other commitments. A few late nights is all it needs though…

This sounds like a cool thing. I am marking my 2016 calendar! Will try next year. Thanks for posting this.

It was, indeed, a very cool experience. I’m going to post a video blog about what I learned doing it (not what I expected, either).