Any reason not to leave the OP-1 Plugged in?

Hey guys,

Im about to start touring using my OP1 as a key part of my live electronics rig. I have been using it for a few years now (some of you guys from Ohpeeone may remember my beat tapes?) and am looking forwards to using it on the road but here is my question. Live i absolutely DO NOT WANT a situation where it runs out of battery so assuming i am going to potentially forget to charge it / the battery indicator is reliably unreliable I thought I would just include the USB charger in the live power. I heard about laptops developing a battery ‘memory’ from being left charged in so was wondering if this could happen to the OP1…?

Thoughts on a postcard please

(Also, anyone interested in what im touring, here is my website:


Lithium ion batteries (generally) don’t suffer from memory effects.

I would strongly recommend bringing a backup unit…

With Lithium batteries I’ve always followed the ABC policy, Always Be Charging.

Great, thanks guys!

@johnsmith - it is a sound plan, wish i could afford it! Perhaps for the next tour…

If the OP-1 is plugged into a computers USB port, the issue with hum is considerably worse. I keep mine plugged in for fear of it dying live. If you are more concerned about sound quality, unplugged might be the way to go.

@Virtual_Flannel - I run it off an ipod charger for exactly that reason! :slight_smile:

good call!

i have toured w/ the op1, made it 2 weeks on one full battery, no extra charges. prob about .75 - 1.5 hours each day on average for the shows, and then add some time most days (maybe an hour a day?) for fiddling during the days and late nights.

still had a little juice left when i got home :slight_smile:

The memory effect is just for nicad and nimh batteries. And even there, the actual memory effect is basically irrelevant to consumer devices. It was discovered on satellites or something, which would discharge the battery to the exact same level (aerospace engineering, it’s fairly high-precision…) before charging again.

and if lithium batteries do get a memory effect, they’ve also been proven to come out of it on their own as you go through charge cycles