Any thoughts on Electribe 2 as a Second Synth

Im wowed by the creativity of the OP-1. But sometimes wish i had more wiggle room. That is im a bit cumbersome and like bigger knobs(titter). Ive now been wowed by the Electribe as it seems more of a beast. Any thoughts ?

or circuit…

but maybe sync is better with the Electribe.

I have the Electribe 2, and had the Circuit, too, but sold the latter. I really like the portability and battery-power option of both boxes.

The Electribe’s synthesis is nice, much better than the stripped-down Electribe Sampler version. The different filter types really make it up. Unfortunately the Amp EG only supports gate (on/off) or attack/decay without a sustain part.

In comparison with the Circuit the Electribe’s synthesis is very limited, but you have up to 16 polyphonic (well: paraphonic, to be honest) parts, whereas the the Circuit only has two polyphonic synth and 4 percussion parts. For in-depth editing of the Circuit you’ll need to use a software editor, the hardware only offers 8 macro controls. The Electribe is completely independent and fully editable in the box.

Is circuit the same synth engine/parameters/routing available as Mininova? I got some great/weird sounds out of Mininova…

Yes, Mininova and Circuit share the same awesome synth engine.

And Electribe 2 is a lot more sexy in blue. :wink:

Heard the electribe suffers from voice stealing. Could be hearsay though, but is want hands on time to find out.

@steveoath Heard the same. But I’m more of a minimalist, so I didn’t run into stolen voices yet. Newest OS addresses this issue. And you can define the priority for each part.

I returned my electribe 2 after a week, main reason was the voice stealing. I replaced it with a circuit and have zero regrets.

I have the e2 version.

I usually never go over 9 voices and I haven't had any voice stealing yet on mine. I use effects on most tracks and filter and lfo as well. I think you have to use it for a while before getting the best out of it, sort of like the OP-1. When I first got it I had some issues with clicking on the synths, but I figured out it was that I had their volumes too high or I had the wrong oscillator settings for mono/poly. Like I would have a synth on poly and a long gate or envelope tail so it would click when the next note would start which was restarting the oscillator. So technically it isn't a bug and you might get those same results on a mono synth.

I have had mine for about a year and I like it more than I did when I got it. I had the EMX-SD before.

I really love the synths on it. There is a lot of sound variety in it. You just have to remember to turn the knobs slowly as there is a lot of variety in the fine tuning of the engines. Sort of like the OP-1 again.

I was going to get a Circuit, but I don't like having to go to the computer to modify sounds. I prefer just having the box itself. Keeps me more focused.