Any tips on Tape Effects (Flanging / Doubling / Delays)

Has anybody managed to make a nice flanger (or other) effect using the tape machine on the OP-1? In theory it should be possible by playing two versions of the same recording on separate tracks at the same time and then changing the speed of one of the tracks so they go in and out of phase with each other. I tried using the blue encoder to vary the tape speed but of course it simultaneously slows both tracks down at the same time so you don’t get the effect. Anyone any ideas?

Likewise I feel there must be a way to produce doubling and delay effects using the tape but haven’t quite worked out how.

I think the problem is, that the original track gets muted when the tape track is playing…therefore phasing isn’t possible, as far as I know. I wish there was an option to choose, if the original gets muted or not.

what about if you have the same thing (sample) playing on 2 tracks. then it might produce a doubling/delay effect? huh? (i know nothing btw)

The problem I’ve found is that I’m unable to move one track at a time whilst the tape is in play mode. You can use the blue knob to nudge a track whilst the tape is in stop mode, and you can also use the blue knob to speed and slow the tape slightly whilst in play mode - but the problem is it speeds and slows both tracks simultaneously so you don’t get the phasing or delay.