Any tricks on how to achieve Frequency Modulation? (FM)

Hey folks,

I haven’t played around with my OP-Z for quite a while and wondered: What are your tricks to achieve good FM sounds? Missing my Monomachine, I am especially looking for interesting grainy metallic bass sounds. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your input

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I’m not sure how you’d mimic those sounds, but you got me thinking about using the LFO as a really limited/weak FM operator.

I think it’d work best if you set the destination to 1 (P1–sample pitch) on a drum sample track and played with the depth, speed, and shape. P1 has a pretty large range in terms of playback speed, but you’re still limited by the speed of the LFO.

Synth tracks have a weaker option in destination 6 (pitch–semitone bend, basically) but you could technically still do some (very slow) frequency modulation.

I’d love to hear others’ thoughts/ideas, though.

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