Any way to hook up a MIDI keyboard that only has Micro USB to the OP-1 as a controller without a DAW

Hey yall, just to preface this, I already know you have to get a USB host for MIDI controllers to hook up keyboards to the OP-1. This is a slightly different problem…

So I recently got the Casiotone CT-S300 keyboard piano (CT-S300 | Casio Music Gear) to practice music theory, and wanted to hook it up to the OP-1 to get more octaves. However, it turns out that the CT-S300 doesn’t use a real MIDI port, it instead uses a Micro USB cable (similar to the charging cables for Android phones), which (I believe) rules out using the MIDI USB hosts like the Kenton mk3, which only have 1 USB port.

Is there any conceivable way to connect the OP-1 with the CT-S300 that doesn’t involve using a DAW as the middleman (I really don’t want to hook up an entire laptop between the OP-1 and CT-S300, it’s just too inconvenient for my purposes)

And followup question. Suppose there’s no way to connect them. Anyone have experience with keyboard pianos for beginners that are relatively cheap and support MIDI to connect with the OP-1?

there aren’t many but there are some host devices that have multiple USB ports or allow a usb hub and transmit data between USB ports. this is what u want.
however most of these are overkill for just connecting two USB devices to each other.

some host devices allow a hub but seem to only do USB to DIN and DIN to USB data transfers
be wary of this

something like a smartphone or tablet would be smaller than a laptop and prolly the simplest solution.
also a raspberry pi thing is another option as well

as for a different keyboard
you’ll prolly have good luck searching for older midi keyboards
as most of these will have the DIN port.
there are lots of them out there
prolly pretty cheap too
do u have some preference for the number of keys?

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Thank you for the response! I may have to check out the smartphone solution.

If I were to replace this keyboard preferably I’d like one with at least 61 keys, just because the Casiotone keyboard also has that amount.

Op1 has micro usb right? Can’t you just use a microusb to micro usb cord?

the op1 is not a usb midi host
it won’t work without a host

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This new device might help, looks to be pretty much a swiss army knife for MIDI.

Was comparing it to the Blokas Midi Hub, which if it had TRS and more USB connections would
be a killer too.

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USB-c hub to your phone — connect op-1 & midi keyboard to Hub - Run MidiMittr app or similar

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I use the axoloti core for this. The synth and fx are nice too.

Just got an MRCC. It’s good - but sadly not compatible with OP-1. I hope they are working on a fix.

Another option is to use a Raspberry Pi as a USB MIDI Host. It can also be setup to host wireless Midi too.

Hi, I got a MIDI USB to DIN Converter from Hobbytronics some time ago, does the trick perfectly.
I know there’s other gear doing the job (Kenton Electronics), and also check in this forum, a topic dealt with the question some time ago.

anyone know if an RK-006 would work as an interface between OP-1 and MIDI keyboard? I’ve been trying with no success…

what about using an iPad as an interface? is there an app I can use?

I’m curious about your question because Im interested to buy that piano and do the same thing with my Op-1, but it’s possible?

Retrokits USB host will do this