Any way to map different scale to white keys?

Im quite a noob in music performing and playing chords with any scale other than C Major is difficult for me :sweat_smile:

Is there any way to map a different scale to white keys? E.g. C minor to make playing easier?

Can a detune or some other function be used for it?

you can use the sequencers to enter chords and chord progressions one note at a time. look up some chord progressions and copy them into the sequencers.

or try this…play a chord (say c maj) into the endless sequencer. get the sequencer running and hit c, then f, then g…you just played some new chords and made a chord progression.

the op1’s sequencers and great at helping you make chords and chord progressions. over time you will become good at making and playing chords.

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You can play A minor on just the white keys (relative minor of C major), so with the master tuning control, you could have any major/minor scale you want.

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Okay, so I did some research and came out with this mapping for major and minor scale:

Number of semitones = “detune notes” parameter from shift+metronome screen


This is clever thanks for sharing! Does this apply to the OP-1 Field? Wish TE would add scales to their sequencers, unless there is one?