Any way to use to use the PO-33's effects on the OP-1?

Hey whats up everyone :v::slightly_smiling_face: Hope your day is going well, I’m wondering, is there any way at all to sync the OP-1 and my PO-33 so that the incoming audio of the OP-1 Can be altered by the PO-33’s live FX? I’ve looked around and I cant find any info on it. My PO33 is suffering from the distorted line in recording issue or else I would just record it into the PO33 :tired_face:. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! <3

PO line in is mixed digitally AFTER the effects. This is true for every PO. There is no way to use them as an effect box.

What is the distorted line in recording issue?

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Hey man thank you for the response, a more detailed summary of the issue I’m experiencing can be found here :

It is a somewhat semi common issue to my understanding. It occurs when I use mid range frequency’s (melodic stuff like pianos) . When recording audio through the line in it distorts the sample. I wish there was someway I could fix it or replace it because I love my PO-33. I have even considered sampling all my stuff to a tape deck and lowering the bit rate so it sounds more intentional :sweat_smile:

This won’t help you but I will mention it hoping that TE is reading this and get some clues: direct sample transfer from PC would be possible if TE provided an application/library (or released information about the format) to create a backup wav file from a set of samples.

oh my god, that would open things up so much