Any worthwhile music apps on Android phone?

I’m looking into maybe getting an android device. I know the ipad/iphone are flooded with apps, but is there anything worth looking into on Android? I haven’t got a clue. Last I remember, the state of things was really bad a couple years ago.

there are a couple more just look around. audioid and mikrowave get most of my attention. let me know if you find anything else that is awesome@!

its still pretty bad. but the latency issues have been dealt with.

have they? Google has been promising it for years, and I gave up believing in it.

Caustic is one of the best out there, RD4 is pretty cool if you want a groovebox.

Nanoloop is pretty amazing. It has advanced amazingly since the old Gameboy cart days.

@KrisM While i havent heard any official fixes coming from google the newest apps certainly have convinced me. possibly its just my new devices(quad core) that have eclipsed the issue. but yes latency is very much reduced form were it was when i got my first android(4 years ago.) so much so that the keyboard apps that support midi have worked for me to jam live in a pinch.

@wingo nanoloop is also available on IOS. I personally hate using trackers but something about nanoloop keeps me coming back for years. part of it is that in the beginning it was the only option for making music on android. but hot dang I still love and use nanoloop

thi one is also pretty good .

also FL just got some updates like audio recording and editing. all we need now is inter app audio and android is looking good!

Jasuto modular got an update for Android lately. It used to crash a lot, hopefully now more stable. It’s a great app! (also for iOS)

I’ve had quad core Samsung Exynos-powered devices, and you could see as well as hear the lag in Caustic (Apple’s A4, A5, A6, etc are, or were, lower-clocked Exynos cores). For a very long time, though, Android apps only used one core of a CPU anyway, maybe that’s been addressed finally. Either way glad it’s working out better for you @masterofstuff124

Speaking of trackers, Sunvox always worked very well for me on Android.

^caustic lags even on ios devices. It took me so long to get into caustic because of the lag and honestly i still dont use it.

Pretty much every synth app on Android lags horribly for me on my HTC M7, unusable in essence

^That’s unfortunate. The HTC M7 has fairly decent stats, considerably better than in the phone I had in mind. and if you’re getting lag… =,[

Yeah I was bummed out. I don’t see why it is so bad with Android, must be some IT thing I don’t understand. It is very disappointing, if I knew it would have that much lag (+/- 500 ms) I would have never bought it. All in all a very good phone but 0 musical value. I will explore it further how midi send is a solution, if it supports that at all…and signal processing etc. But to be honest all apps look very amateurish, but at least most are free.

The lag issue is a bummer, I guess mainly because of all the differing hardware platforms that need supporting. Great apps are out there though:

-Caustic 3 (good for sequencing or as sample fodder, useless live because of lag)
-ExSynth (nice simple analogue style synth, too much lag to play live, but can change sequences on the fly or sample it into the OP-1, delay is really nice)
-Heat Synthesizer (probably best synth on Android in my opinion and worth paying for, for some reason the lag is not as noticeable so really playable using the keyboard and there is a great hold function which doesn’t just work on arps, great for pads too)
-NodeBeat (cool generative sequencer, produces really mellow ambient Eno-scapes)
-Nanoloop (takes a while to get used to the UI but well worth the effort, can come up with some really quirky glitchy sequences really easily)

Hah, I think I still have my Nanoloop cartridge laying around with the OG Gameboy. Or was is it LSDJ?

What was the name of the cartridge for the Atari 2600? And Cynthcart for the Commodore 64! I should have all of those still…somewhere! PM me if interested hahaah.