Anyone able to sync pocket operator from an audio click track from their computer (not from a TE instrument)?

I want to have my PO-35 be synced from my computer. I recorded a click track from a PO-35 and sampled a click. When I play back this click at regular intervals (at 120 bpm) I can hear a steady click, but when I connect to the PO-35 input it doesn’t trigger the PO-35 (in SY2). The PO-35 syncing is working (I tested it by syncing to a PO-33 click track) but I can’t get it to sync to the audio click track from my computer.

Is my computer volume too low? Does the audio signal from the computer need to be “hot” (higher voltage) to trigger? Something else?

Would love to know if anyone else got this to work.

Here’s the instructions I wrote out for myself years ago when triggering from Logic. Same principles apply, so should be of help to you.

To control PO-12 BPM from logic
On PO-12:

  • Cable into Left socket
  • Press Function+BPM to toggle to SY2
    On Logic:
  • Create software instrument track: Bleep - Futura
  • Create a bar of 8 quavers as a region and loop region
  • Make sure quavers are on B2 (the note below C3)
  • Mute other output
  • Install Adaptive Limiter in channel strip and set input scale to +10dB (max)




I got it working! It was the volume problem, I had to add a gain to get it a little louder and then it worked.


You can also try connecting the PO and your phone with the app Korg SyncKontrol, Then you can sync the app with your computer with Ableton Link.

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I just downloaded the Korg SyncKontrol app, but my PO12 don’t read the signal form the app (i tried all the Sync PO12 modes - 2, 3, 4 and 5) and i cant control the tempo from the app. Can you please explain how i should connect the app to my PO12 so i can control the tempo from the app?

It worked, was the same isue, Korg SyncKontrol was to low volume, i made it louder and everything worked. Thank you a lot!


Hiya, first post on the forum, i av a happy owner of a PO-32! :slight_smile:

just a few questions; “quavers” means, what ? Notes?
And why do i need a bar with 8 notes/quavers?

I have the same situation but uses BitWig, i have sampled a sync signal, made it louder, pulled it into Battery and play it correct… but as the first TS states, it dont start and dont sync.
But do the signal really be THAT loud, like, far away in the reds??? I dont have anything to compare with…

But basically, volume as loud as possible, set it to SY02, and take the outputs and put into freee inputs in my interface. That the right procedure, broad strokes?