Anyone ever made/seen a 'file tree' for the OP-1 interface?

You’d be right in thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about but bear with me…Do I mean file tree?

Mine (Op-1) is technically up for sale at the moment as I struggle to work out where I am and where everything is. I know that the speech bubble tells you where you are in a sense but only on the front layer sort of thing. I found some great sounds only last night, but again got lost in a what felt like a circuitous disorienting mess. I can bump up against a problem- unable to make it do what I think it should, and while trying out options I end up getting shut out of where I meant to be, then spend a while getting back in…
So, is there any way I can see something like a file tree showing the buttons or options. I am not technically minded really, but realise that as I’ve made some progress with the op-1 it is through forming an internal landscape of OP-1 and what options are where. Would this look like a ‘site map’ as they are shown on some websites?

The London underground map, helps people work out their journey, though I know it’s not a scale representation etc etc. Is there one of those for the OP-1? Not asking for one to be made, just expecting that one may exist already?

Any ideas…?
Cheers :slight_smile:

Could you be more specific about which parts of the interface are giving you trouble?

The OP1 is not very deep in terms of submenus - everything is only one or two steps down.

Someone posted this guide to all the keyboard shortcuts which may be of use to you

Also here is a version of the manual in PDF form which is easier to read than the online one

Try holding Shift + Mixer at the same time, it’ll give you a visual representation of where sound goes from the point it is played to when it comes out of the device, including all of the FX added. Is that what you’re looking for?

If you have specific questions about the device feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

I think you mean a block diagram. The shift+mixer function, and the linked manual and shift shortcuts should be of help.

Watch some videos(especially the newest one from Cuckoo on Youtube) and read the manual and use the OP-1 to follow along and learn

The function tree is presented in the unit itself honestly, in that you can dig through almost everything moving from left to right:

Synth button> 1-Synth Engine 2-Envelope 3-FX 4-LFO/Modulation
You tweak the parameters on each page until you like what you hear. Then you press and hold one of the 1-8 buttons to save the Snapshot

Drum button>1-Drum Engine 2-Envelope(looks different than the synth) 3-FX 4-LFO/Modulation
You tweak the parameters on each page until you like what you hear.
Then you press and hold one of the 1-8 buttons to save the Snapshot

If you make edits you dont like, or just plain screw up the sound, shift+synth/shift+drum reverts to the saved preset before changes were made

Tape button> All tape transport/editing are right below>1234 channel mutes>1-8 loop/tape tricks/parameter memories1 and 2

Mixer button> 1-Mixer 2-EQ 3-Master FX 4-Final out+Compression > Tape tricks 4-6 still work here, and 7-8 are memories that can change the sounds on pages 1-4

Nothing is really buried here. Take some time and practice before you sell and regret not digging deep enough.