Anyone get 88-key MIDI keyboard for OP1? Studiologic SL-88 Studio

Has anyone bought an 88-key MIDI keyboard to use with their OP1? I’m looking at the Studiologic SL88 Studio:
Studiologic SL88 Studio 88-key Keyboard Controller | Sweetwater

I like the idea of having a great feeling keyboard with nice velocity sensitivity. The OP1 itself provides the parameter knobs to tweak and control as you play. So getting a MIDI controller with knobs like an Arturia Keylab would not be necessary.

Has anyone gotten this kind of setup?


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I’ve hooked up my 88-key keyboard to the OP-1 (via MIDI forwarded through my computer). A bit of freshness in music making (the OP-1 keyboard influences the shapes and voicing of harmonies and melodies I tend to make on it, so a different keyboard mixes that up)

First annoyance though is that the OP-1 doesn’t respond to the sustain pedal…
Sustain is normally a MIDI CC, not actual held notes (the keyboard sends a Note Off message as soon as you release the key, no matter the sustain pedal)
I ended up using a little Arduino MIDI tool I made to convert the sustain MIDI CC into actual held notes.

Also, you’ll only get 6-note polyphony (fewer if trying to use a sequencer), so you’ll run into that if you’re playing a patch with long release envelope, or complex chords