Anyone had to send a faulty product back to TE?

Picked up my PO-28 earlier and it would not turn on. I changed the batteries, and to my horror it still would come one. I gave it a little rub across the batteries and it came on. However, the device resets every time I press with usual approach. I have to gently cress the thing now. Thankfully, it didn’t erase my works. I think I’m going tto have to contact TE. Anyone done this before? Are they good?

You may try bending the battery contacts inward a little bit to make sure it makes good contact…

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks

And then after doing that, try to insert the batteries “straight in” so as not to bend the contacts out again.

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My PO-12 died after about two hours of use. At first it just stuck in the time setting phase, and five minutes later it was dead. Blank screen, nothing works. So yeah, as with any piece of electronics they are prone to break.

I’ve wondered how things would go when they released a relatively cheap product in large numbers, and how such a small team could cope with any comebacks.

I’m about to send back the Arcade because it arrived with a faulty button.

When i got the PO-12 last year it arrived with a broken LED which made it do weird things, they sent me a new one almost immediately and asked me to send back the broken one.
This time they will only send back a new Arcade when they receive the broken one i have to send back. Sounds quite reasonable to me.
In any case, this never has taken longer than a couple of days (excl. shipping time etc.) so i think they’re doing a great job.

I just sent back my Arcade. Was having an issue where the A & B knobs thought they were turning when they were obviously not. Made it difficult to dial in specific settings, and also resulted in settings like the swing getting adjusted when you weren’t expecting it. I had bought it from Amazon, who was great about the refund. Hope the next one doesn’t have the same issue!