Anyone have a Kordbot?

I just ordered a Kordbot from Isla instruments.
anyone else use one?
It’s a little keyboard that allows you to easily create chords and progressions.
i love chord driven house…but am totally shit at making (and playing) chord progressions.

I sold a few pieces of equipment to cover the costs ($300 with shipping). man, what a pain in the butt that is. and i have sellers regret.
someone is meant to come around to buy my Akia s3000xl sampler. if that goes through I’m going to buy a card reader to replace the floppy drive on my ensoniq eps sampler.

I had one, sold it, extremely crappy UX.

damn…that’s a bit discouraging.
so, no good at getting chord progressions going?

Sure it does that really great! But I don’t have the time remember complex menu diving and non muscle memory things (that is why I love TEs stuff).

If you have the time to fiddle around then I think it can produce magic.

It certainly doesn’t have the simplicity and beauty of the OP1 interface design.

But I found it a pretty simple device, and I haven’t found it difficult to use at all.

It’s so good for making chords and progressions. it makes my synths really shine.