Anyone have any extra OP-1 keyholders?

Hi people - just wondering if anyone has an extra tiny white plastic key holder, as shown in the photo links pasted below (the one in the red box in one photo, and the bottom one in the other photo). One of mine broke and have been looking for a replacement for ages.

Happy to pay money and/or trade for OP-1 key replacements…have a whole set of those!

Thanks for looking.

Hi there, I have a scissor mechanism I can spare. Where are you located?

I’m also looking for spare parts (see here: Dropbox - OP-1 - Simplify your life)

Could you maybe help?
I’m located in Belgium.

Hi there, I took a Quick Look at your photo I think I’m certain I have all but the silicone nipple, let me know if you’re still interested and we can work details via direct message. Cheers!