Anyone here with a Misa Kitara???

So intrigued by this little item. It’s like a guitar shaped OP-1… Sort of… Not really.

What I’m most interested in is the digital effects, apparently you can add delay/distortion etc to your synth engine.
Does this mean it works like the OP-1’s master effects??? Like can I run a line signal into the input of the Kitara and it’ll be affected by the effects
like an OP-1 would?

God, I have so many questions about this thing but they don’t have a forum…

I don’t own a kitara. Buy does the kitara even have an audio in. And even if it did why would you want that functionality(for a backing track maybe?) Maybe just get a kaoss pad.

I personally use iOS app synthax with a guitar shaped midi controller that I added ins and outs too. In the future I’ll own a kitara but def. Not at the current price.

It seems to be not supported anymore, be careful.

I have a Kitara. I would stay clear. The synth on the Kitara is terrible and they admitted as much by ditching it completely to make the next product Misa bass which is just a controller.

I really did not delve deep into the Kitara as I was so disappointed with the synth engine and the quality of the fret board buttons. I am pretty sure you can’t process external sounds so maybe you’d better with a kp3 or mini kp

I am sure you’ll know more than me about how to get something decent out of it musically but there’s no support for it, as pointed out already.

I understand the company folded and the inventor released the bass controller on his own.

TL:DR Kitara owner still annoyed at money wasted, needed to vent.

I’m shocked. This is very bad news =[

I talked with the builder for a while, he seemed to really uncomfortable when I brought up the topic.
Now I think I understand why lol… But it looks so cool…

It’s open source isn’t it? Isn’t it possible someone could update it? There is always hope =]

@johnsmith maybe a yourock guitar might be better. the fishman triple play add midi to a regular guitar which is also cool.

It was supposed to be open source but I understand the official forum disappeared when the original company did and the potential for an open source community bombed too. At the time I felt there was a lot of question dodging but judging by other product forums I think that’s normal with a new product…

Michael was quite active initially re Kitara but I think since business went downhill he perhaps finds queries about the old product annoying? Seems to be answering on Facebook though.

When it came out I was pretty obsessed by getting a guitar shaped synth and or controller for a while and bought a few variations. Never made it to the yourock guitar but heard good things.

Nearly bought a Ztar off eBay but they are so very expensive!! That company keeps promising a cheaper controller based around ipad but that’s never surfaced. Neither has the low priced controller they put on YouTube a couple of years ago.

My advice is if you want to process sounds on an XY pad go for a korg pad if you want a guitar controller look at you rock type controllers or midi guitars.

I also have a Sonuus midi converter ( used about twice) it’s a port which plugs in to a regular guitar to usb and does pretty good mono phonic midi. Now you can get ipad apps that can do very similar things for much less/ even free?
Jamsynth is a great app.

Hope you find what your looking for. I’d definitely try before you buy if possible as I made the mistake of buying many of the products over internet and found they never quite really did what I wanted in most cases.

i have a Casio DG 20 for Sale! PM me if you are Interested. @johnsmith

I have a kitara and a tri bass. The kitara is a weak synth, but a pretty cool controller… The assignable midi functions per string/screen are really useful. The buttons are frustrating if you are coming from guitar, but if you forget about guitar strings “should” feel, they are actually quite fun to play.

The Tri bass is rechargeable battery powered, has a wooden neck and conductive frets, no synth and much lighter. It’s a better controller for me in that regard. The only frustrating thing for me is that the xy pad transmits midi on cc 16 and 17, which makes it a pain to control bend/mod on a hardware synth. Based on the tutorial videos, the designer clearly expected it to be used with a computer. For dubstep.

I’d be willing to sell the kitara, as it’s just sitting in the box right now.

Update: Just managed to snag a used one for a decent price. Pretty fun so far! Using it with earphones right now, does anyone else find the volume a bit low using earphones? Haven’t really delved too far into the advanced options or tweaked the patch settings, just the main screen volume volume meter which I have maxed that sounds like a rather casual volume when the manual warns of the risk of hearing lost if using headphones for a prolonged time… LOL!

I’m liking the sounds so far, nice a lo-fi very digital etc, good mix with the OP-1.

EDIT: Having researched it, the low earphone volume is normal and can be somewhat alleviated with a combination of boosting effects and EQ.
I'd be willing to sell the kitara, as it's just sitting in the box right now.

I made an account to ask if you still have it and for how much :slight_smile: