Anyone in Berlin?

Hey guys, this is a bit off topic i guess, but i’m moving to Berlin in september and was wondering if there were any other OP1-ers who lived there?

I make my living from music so any advice on finding studio space would be awesome!


Hey, I’m in the Berlin area and there are quite a few people on the forums who are too. I just can’t quite remember who at the moment. As far as studio space, I’m not sure- I’m a teacher so my music is strictly amateur/therapeutic. Good luck though!!!


If there are a number of berlin op1-ers we should organise an OP1 meet or something suitably geeky like that :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be pretty cool! Let us all know when you get to Berlin!

Cool, will do. Currently looking for a musician friendly flat. The trick seems to be not letting on about the fact you are a musician…

Hi @aswefallintostatic, Berliner here! Yeah we should do a meeting with some OPlers here! Let us know when you arrive. @Xbted and me wanted to meet anywhen as well, so we can do this later together.

Another Berliner here! And another amateur who’s just messing around for fun. @xbted: it’s therapeutic for sure…

Awesome :slight_smile: Im hoping to get there early September, if anyone hears of a room going then pleas let me know :wink:

One day I’ll get to Berlin!

; )


I am kind of based in Berlin, although would be looking into a new shared flat, pref. with likeminded sound/music people. so maybe we meet? will be in Berlin 16.8.-9.9. then off to an expedition

@lukatoyboy - sounds good. I’m in berlin on the 16th to play at secrets festival, are you about on monday 17th? I play back in the evening.

I’l pm you…


Alright guys, im moving to Berlin tomorrow.

I have a one way ticket, laptop, OP1, change of clothes and a skateboard. Lets meet up for beers!


I am organizing a BYOS event on saturday if weather stays ok, will let you know…