Anyone just leave the OP-Z connected to IPhone/IPad via Camera kit/OP-Z cable

I just started leaving my OPZ connected to IPhone/IPad via Camera kit/OP-Z cable. The Bluetooth seemed to drop a lot (and I like the OP-Z app), and its ready to go for sampling from iOS apps. Does anyone else do this? I guess I thought you HAD to use the Bluetooth for connecting to the app.

I do as well. Indeed it works much better

Does sync with apps then?

Yes, it senses the device just like if it was on Bluetooth (only without having to push the OPZ bluetooth button).

You might have to ‘scan’ and click connect to your wire-connected device. However, it won’t drop (unless you turn off the OPZ).

What I like is I can use the same wired connection to push samples to the OPZ.