Anyone know if the field will power a midi adapter like the one below?

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as long as its class compliant
i feel like it should be fine
these kinds of midi adapters rarely take all that much current

they don’t always give this info definitively
but does it say anywhere how much it actually draws?

i used to use something similar w/ my Z alot and it was powered fine

of course theres only one way to find out for sure :wink:

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I’m using one like that (might actually be the same one) to sync a Roland Boss RC-505 mk2 to the OP1f clock (i.e., OP1f controls clock). It works perfectly! I haven’t tried to do it the other way around, so I can’t say whether it works well to control an OP1f, but I believe it will.

Good luck!

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I have one ordered! Thanks for info guys!

Works great!

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Update. The only sync you’ll get to work with this is with the Op1 as master. You can hear a slight difference when running both metronomes. When the op1 is slave…the clock goes all the way out of sync.

This is a problem. How do I report this to TE? Anyone know?

Ty! On it :+1:t3:

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Is the OP-1 set to send and receive clock? On the OP-Z, that puts it into a weird loop, and it runs at double speed.

Have not gotten that far yet. I’m not surprised that it goes into a loop though. I’ve had other gear do that.

fwiw, ime the OG was always terrible at being a slave
sync works much better when OG is master

Thanks for the insight. I’m kinda new to the Op1 so learning. Hope they resolve either way.