Anyone know why they used MTP for file access on the Field?

Just wondering if there’s some speed advantage, or maybe it was recently adopted as some kind of standard disk access, etc?

I have a very old MacBook… Os 10.5 … so the field app doesn’t work on my computer.
It would be nice if Teenage engineering would make a app for the iPhone, to transfer data, with integration

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MTP has a lot of advantages over other protocols. The main one is that it’s pretty high level, instructing transfer on the basis of files and folders rather than just sending a stream of bytes down a wire, this makes it easier to recover from interrupted connections. I’m sure there are other advantages too. The downside is that the device you’re connecting to needs to “speak” MTP, whereas everything can receive a bunch of bytes and store them on disk.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Definitely a shame they prioritized that over compatibility though. I too would love a way to get my tapes onto my iPad easier than recording them one by one.

thinking out loud but if you have an iPad, perhaps you have a mac laptop or desktop as well? in which case, iCloud, even the free version, you can MTP to your mac laptop and the contents will be available on all your iCloud devices, iPad and otherwise

Probably because it’s freely available for Unix-based platforms (which I think the OP-1 family is). libmtp is open source.

The field tools app works fine for me on the desktop, I was just traveling this week with the OP-1F and iPad and didn’t have access to the desktop. Just seemed a weird thing to change compared to the OG-1, and I was trying to think of reasons why they would go this route when it worked fine before.

Oh well, not the end of the world either way. I’ll just chalk it up to another of the OP-1F’s quirks.

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OP-1F has a lot more sounds (up to 500) and several GB’s worth of tape files. MTP has the right combination of transfer speed, reliability and compatibility to support that. It is just unfortunate that Apple devices do not support MTP out of the box, like Ubuntu and Windows do.


speaking of op1f mtp – does anyone have issues mounting their op1f via usb-c to their mac laptop/desktop in mtp mode? personally, and it wasn’t always like this, but lately i need to try three times in order for it to mount.

specifically, i plug it in; i select mtp in the op1f COM menu; i go to the fieldKit on my mac and it says “device busy try connecting again later” or something to that effect; i EJECT on the op1f.

i do the above 3 times, but on the 3rd time it does not say device busy, it simply connects and then its all good.

related to this most likely, is that i often have the mount stop working while i am making my own backups of the op1f. i just drag and drop the entire contents into my computer every few months or so just bc, and half the time it will fail due to connection lost and i have to do it again.

almost never do i see a crash log screen on the op1f, but today i did see a crash log appear, see pic attached.

anyone else getting any of the above issues?

i dont know much C or C++ but looks like memory allocation failed for some reason.

I’ve had some issues lately as well getting it to connect to my computer. Hopefully something that might be fixable in software. I assume it’s related to the MacOS update or something.

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