Anyone make Grime beats/ UK bassline on OP-1?

I was experimenting last night and stumbled into making a grime-ish beat, but wondered if anyone uses theirs primarily for this purpose.


Thanks for reaching out. I make Grimey Sci-Fi electronic stuff, although I use a load more than just the Op-1 - it is an essential piece of equipment for the process. It’s my ‘go to’ for mangling up percussive elements and I also use it for leads. I haven’t used it on bass because I’m having too much fun with my JU-06 and Minitaur. It is capable of it and Metske provided a great example in a previous battle.
Here are the links for his epic winning entry and the patch he so kindly shared:


Battle thread:


I’d love to hear your stuff… send it to me :slight_smile: please!

Here’s my attempts -


I’d love to create a whole Grime album on the Op-1 alone and I think the results would be very good. I’d like to try it one day.

Overall, and the reason why I am not is because it would take me too long to get the results I want. I like using a DAW to record each drum hit and give it its own track. When I have finished the recording session I turn to the DAW to change the 8-bar loop into a song.

I am really enjoying creating my own samples and pushing them through various processes. When I have a bunch of samples to play live I’d like to do three things;

  1. Play live through the Op-1
  2. Buy an Octatrack to play along side the Op-1
  3. Not use Ableton and launch clips

I will experiment with Op-1, Octatrack, and Ableton… That could be the Trinity of a live set! Although complex; the possibilities would be exceptional. Maybe too much? I don’t know but I look forward to the future!!! Hehe

Looked on your soundcloud and saw you’re partial to a bit of Elijah and Skilliam, instantly heard the influence in your tracks.
Big ups