Anyone pair OPZ with Roland MV-1? (For vocals/sampling)

I picked up the Roland MV-1 when it was on a big sale, got it for less than the mc-101 sells for!
Don’t worry though OPZ fam, i’m never leaving the OPZ as my main groovebox.

But we all know the OPZ’s biggest (maybe) weakness is lack of sample time, sample manipulation, and vocal and/or fx processing. (no time stretching, 12 sec limit, no proper pitch shift etc)

My hope is to sample vocals to different clips inside a single track on the mv-1. They can be as long as the sample time allows… and each can be triggered by a corresponding midi note from the opz. hopefully this can be done with just track 4 on the opz, which is usually my sample/vocal track anyways.

Has anyone done anything like this? Are there better samplers/vocal processors that can be midi controlled?

I’d like to be able to sample a line from a movie or whatever, and time stretch it, pitch shift it, add reverb, and other fx and be able to trigger that vocal when needed from the OPZ.

And as a second use i’d like to run my mic thru the mv-1’s vocal processor with auto tune, harmonizer etc, for live use during jams when i’m singing my own lyrics. (my voice sucks so i need the help lol)

I don’t see much interest in the mv-1 and the official manual is hot b*tt trash and is not very helpful.

How do y’all deal with vocal samples and singing with the OPZ? Are there better options?