Anyone tried sampling vinyl over USB to OP Z

Hello everyone,

Thinking of buying Numark PT01 Scratch, wondering about 2 things :

  • can I use it for sampling via USB to OP-Z?
  • how is the sound quality?

A lot of Vinyl players today have audio over USB, is it possible to sample that way?


neither hte Z or the PT are HOST for usb audio
Z is only a HOST for MIDI

But I can sample via USB from my laptop with no issues?

On the similar note - is it possible for Op-Z to sample digitakt via usb? Digitak is also class compliant and sends audio over usb.

Hoping I posted this picture correctly. Iā€™m new to OP-Z world, but I have a phono amp with USB out. In theory, I would guess this would accomplish your goal.

No. One of them would need to be a USB audio host, like a computer or phone. Neither is.

The OP-Z is a MIDI host, though, so you can sync them with only a usb cable connected directly between the two.

No way to solve that with some usb dongle or something?

Im just looking on how to sample.from my vinyl collection and avoid the laptops. Also if i use TRRs splitter its summed to mono, so wanted to avoid that.

The OP-Z samples in mono anyway, so no worries there!

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