Anyone try Syntorial?

Someone was telling me about a super awesome synth tutorial they found which can really help you get your head around all the various parameters on synths… I can’t remember what it was called, but I just googled around for it, and I think it might be this one… Anyone try it? Is there a better one around?


well, it’s good tool, i have tried and finished course couple of years ago.

if you have zero expirience and knowledge in synth waves and parametres = definitely need to check.
if you have little or good knowledge then it will help to understand certain tools as how to tune phaser or reverb by ear and open new little tips and tricks for you
it you have very huge expirience then this just fun tool to test yourself by tweaking presets by ear.

shame it’s not that helpful for op1, because you don’t have all this osc1 wave1 tune1 and etc. which is rarely, but sometimes necessary to use,