Anyone unable to change octaves on iOS?

I’m using my op-1 to control various iOS apps and it sends midi notes just fine, but I can’t get it to change the octave in the app. Even if I change the octave within the app itself, the op-1 still only plays the middle 2 octaves. Anyone else having this issue?

r u maybe by chance in the drum mode? and not in synth mode?
drum sends fixed MIDI notes regardless of hte octave setting on the OP1
while synth will shift MIDI notes according to the octave set on the OP1

MIDI sends absolute note messages
changing octaves in your app won’t usually do anything w/ the incoming MIDI notes
u will want to control the octaves // notes u are sending from the OP1 directly.

I didn’t even think to see if I accidentally had it in drum mode. I’ll check when I get home from work and update, but I really hope that’s the issue. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the op-1 and iPad together so I’d hate for this to be some kind of firmware bug unique to me. Thanks a lot for the reply!

i double checked hte MIDI operation on mine just ot make sure

a MIDI monitor program or app really does wonders in helping solve MIDI issues
it really helps to actually see what messages are being sent and received.
instead of just guessing what u think is going on.

Any recommendations for one on iOS?

i dunno about iOS but i’m sure theres plenty
the one i use is creatively called “MIDI MONITOR” for MAC OSX
it was free