Anyone using a Line 6 Sonic Port with the OP-Z?

The quest for the perfect mobile solution goes on…

My plan: OP-Z into Iphone X with AUM, sequencing by bluetoothed OP-Z to some softsynths.
As audio interface I use a Zoom F1, monitoring by Etymotics in ear monitors. Works ok, though I still have some routing noodles.

I tried the Roland Go-Mixer. It sucks.

Today I got my hands on a Line 6 Sonic Port, the older one without mic. It work ok, it doesn’t need batteries, where the F1 eats through them.

My problem now is that I cannot find the setting to switch off direct monitoring, it looks like what’s comming in goes both to the headphone out and the iphone, is there a way to only monitor what’s coming out of the iphone and switch the direct monitoring off?

I’m very pleased with the Sonic Port. I also control soft synths via OP-Z bluetooth and route it all through AUM so I can mix in the OP-Z sounds with the iOS.
Have you tried the Line 6 app? I haven’t needed it but…It’s been my experience that if I use the AUM mixer all of my signals react accordingly and I don’t seem to get any direct monitoring. I’ll mess with it and see what I can figure out.

Just found the problem: the line 6 app was running in the background, this somehow made a monitoring loop.

looks promising that thing!

I use the Line 6 for almost all mobile recording now, but good to hear about the Go-Mixer… I was debating between the two for a while

@geesbert said:
I tried the Roland Go-Mixer. It sucks.
Could you be more specific about Go-Mixer’s faults?
I’m trying to decide between it and the Line6, and from what I’ve read the Go works great but doesn’t send back the iPad’s internal signal.
I’m hoping to hear the op-z fed through AUM with effects apps, and the Behringer U_Control I’m using is bulkier than I’d like; only sends one signal also.

I have the Roland Mixer but I can’t control my levels from with AUM like I can with the Sonic Port. I love the Sonic Port.

I wrote a review of the Go Mixer. I’d avoid it if I were you. The Pro version looks better, but I haven’t tested it.