Anyone using a PA system for their OP1 and other jamming at home?

It sounds like overkill, but I’m thinking of getting a PA system, maybe even a sub, for my home jamming with my OP-1 and other gear. I have more keys, an analog synth, guitar, and bass.

Lately, I’m thinking of moving away from using separate amps for guitar, bass, and keys. And use a PA system that makes me feel the drums, the bass, and sounds great with synth and guitar.

And it’s just for home, not gigging.

Does anyone do this? If so, any advice on gear. Again – I want to feel the drums and bass.


  • Joe

I do. I’m a guitar player as well as sample/synthesis and I line into a pa. I run 2 way 12" pa speakers, 8" studio monitors and a 12" sub in an 8x13’ room. I use a Tascam model 16 mixer which also serves as my audio interface which is handy. The tascam allows me to bus my master signal to the pa, monitor and sub speakers separately which helps cater to different uses like mastering/jamming. However the JBL speakers I use have stereo ins on each speaker,eq modes, as well as EQing through an app. Stand alone use of pa speakers can be nice because one thing that can be difficult with a system like mine is simply turning it on. I miss just plugging into an amp and playing. For this I suggest a power conditioner with staging. This way you can plug mixer, speakers and outboard gear into different stages, flip one switch and they come on one stage at a time to avoid pops and overloads.
I find it to be worth it. I do use the pa speakers to play/jam out sometimes (also good for parties) but I think I would still want the pa speakers even if I didn’t take them anywhere.
All said, I have always thought pa setups were good for keyboards/samplers.

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Thanks, humdrum.

Let’s say I’m budgeting $700 to $1000 for the PA speakers.

I’m thinking QSC CP-12s, or Alto TS-315s or 312s. AFAIK, everyone loves their QSCs. But the Alto is way less costly, and for my home needs could be just fine.

Thoughts on these?

All I can add is that for the money the QSC speakers are really nice. I’ve used both the k.2 and the cp models and both sounded pretty good for the money and are reasonable cheap for what they are. I have JBL eon’s,they are ok, I got a good deal, Sound ok
, have good functionality and I haven’t been able to blow them up. Can’t speak on the others you mentioned though sorry.

if u can get one without pissing off all your neighbors
a sub really does wonders for jamming and mixing.

i was pretty skeptical too but it has made such a great difference for me.

HAhahaha yeah^ I just built a concrete building with 11" thick ICF walls buried into the hillside and separate from the house to keep the sound in and wildfires out (I live in the California foothills). A full system will piss off the nieghbors for sure(and mine are a ways off) but it really pisses of the ol’ lady when she is trying to sleep. Hard to turn down the gain too once your used to it up. My buddy uses some bass vest and headphones to “feel it” when he has to turn it down, he lives in a city apartment. Sounds cool, still haven’t looked it up yet. I still think it works best to jam loud, hear the room and feel the low end. Makes all the difference in the world to me in excitement level when playing.

Yeah, there’s the family thing. While COVID is going on, I’ll have some time alone during the workday :wink:

FWIW, long time ago, when I was really into home stereo, I was all about specs and pristine, flat sound. Not so much now. I treasure some moving air and shaking my body a bit.

Believe it or not, the OP-1 and the analog synth sound and feel pretty darn good with my bass amp! It has a separate horn.

Also, I have never experienced the OP-1 in good stereo. Or my Eventide H9.


  • Joe

Update: I just brought home a used pair of JBL eon612s. I don’t expect them to be the greatest or the worst, but a good enough start to see if
this kind of setup floats my boat. Thanks

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