Anyone using grooveboxes from the 90’s 2000’s

What’s up guys! Is anyone using grooveboxes like the Roland MV8000, MC 909, or Yamaha RS-7000 in their setup with their OP-1? Would it be worth it in this day and age to use this gear or is it just better to stick to a DAW? Very subjective I know but I just figured I would get your guys opinions. (My setup is: OP-1, Organelle, SP404, and Logic Pro.) I know the MPC 1K with JJOS is an popular option I just figured some of these currently lesser used guys might be worth a shot. Especially since the RS7K runs for 500 and is more compact. Thanks for reading! :grin::pray:t3:

i use a MV8000 all day and every day – stunning machine. swapped it for my mpc1000, which i thought was shit.

never used a DAW, so can’t compare. but after watching this guy --hector plimmer – using logic and two cheap “consumer” keyboards i was DAW-curious

certainly worth trying an MV. it sparks joy with a lot of people. won’t lose any value if you want to re-sell. the MV is so tricked out. it can take any media from any era – USB, hard disc, floppy drive and CD drive. great routing and effects. it also has eight audio tracks (plus 128 midi tracks, of course).
i’ve always thought the RS7000 looks cool.

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Hey man thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. The MV8K was at the top of my list. It’s full of features and it seems like it would fit pretty good in my setup. Dope video by the way. I wonder what synths he is using? Those tones are really nice. Super smooth. The DAW looks like ableton by the way I could be wrong though. That’s for taking the time to help me out man!

yeah…that has to be ableton. the fist synth he uses, the black one on the top, is probably an 1980s yamaha pss or psr synth, one of the models that have digital FM synthesis.

word of warning – the MV is big.

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Woah, RS7000 more compact than MPC1000? In what universe?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t the RS also have some weird thing about having to stop playback in order to enter record mode?

I’m eternally tempted to get an old groovebox but a lot of them have some unfriendly workflows; we’re spoiled in this age of Elektron and Elektron-inspired machines. I’ll keep my Electribe ES-1 forever though :smiley:


haha actually right after posting this I realized that the RS7K is NOT compact! :sweat_smile: thats what I get for assuming! Thanks for the feedback man, I am definitely doing my research before I pick up. I was more intrigued and curious. On a elektron note Ive been looking at the octatrack. I had the digitakt for a while but had to get rid of it for my OP1! Definitely love the Elektron workflow through. Kinda intimidated by the learning curve but thats a whole different discussion. I heard it’s the sampling end all be all with the OP1. Thanks for the feedback!

I have a Korg Electribe EMX but I rarely use it with the OP-1 since I don’t have a midi host to connect them up. Maybe I should get one.


there’s an mv8000 for sale in sydney (on gumtree) atm.

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Hi, I use the Roland mc 303 , to get the sounds in to my Op Z

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