Anyone using OP-1 and Keystep Pro?

Thinking of picking up a Keystep Pro soon. I have a couple of synths and tons of iPad synths, and, of course, the OP-1.

Anyone here use the Keystep Pro? And have you used it with an OP-1?


Seems like the answer is “no”.

I have not, but one thing to look out for when trying to connect them is neither is a USB host. You’ll need something like a Kenton adapter or the Retrokits RK-006 to get them to talk with each other.

I have. I use either a midi host such as iconnnectivity products, a computer, or a raspberry pi. Do you have any follow-up questions?

Is there any keyboard or sequencer that can be used as a USB host besides OP-Z?

Yes, so what have you found the Keystep pro worthwhile to use in your music making?

squarp stuff seems to have the usb host functionality
mpc live & one as well
i know ive seen a few others too but can’t put the name to the face atm

Arturia products are well-loved for a reason. They’re affordable, sturdy and versatile. That said, I find the op-1 works best alone.


Oh thanks! Hapax looks interesting.

I like mine. I use the discontinued Retrokits RK-005 as a midi host but the RK-005 would work too. Nice to have a better keyboard for OP-1. It’s fun to trigger and transpose the OP-1’s sequencers with the KSP. I also find it handy as a central sync source. I find the drum triggers useful for other synths too — Subharmonicon, SH-101 etc. Still got things to try — like it would be fun to use the KSP polyphonic drum sequencer to sequence the OP-1’s ‘finger’ sequencer for example. The newish Korg SQ-64 might be worth a look too. The OP-Z is a great sequencer too of course — more complex, a bit fiddley.

Thx, @khernoe !