Anyone using roli lightpads as midi controllers?

Been looking at the new Roli lightpad M and am interested in its expressive capabilities when used to control other synths. No time for Roli app or the Steve Aoki soundpack :slight_smile:

Anyone had any experience with these? the small size/portability is a big plus for me.


I have an original Lightpad and a Seaboard block I use with my iPad sometimes. Honestly, for portable playing, or on trips, I still prefer the OP-1. The amount of pressure it takes to trigger the Roli stuff is just not something I can get into Once you start to use it, in the Roli Noise app itโ€™s pretty good. Paring with other apps is inconsistent โ€” anything that supports MPE is amazing, the rest not so much.

Since itโ€™s another USB thing, Iโ€™ve not bothered to control the OP-1 or anything like that.