Anything music/ synth related in New York in may-june?


I might be going to New York for a colab around May - June. Anyone knows of something music/ synth related going on in the region at the time? I’m flexible with the dates, so if I could combine the colab with something like that it’d be great!
Gigs too would be great. Living room gigs, or smaller intimate stuff is totally cool.
Any ideas welcome :slight_smile:

Cheers in advance

There’s a cool jam session that goes on in Gowanus, Brooklyn every sunday.

It’s basically a room with 16 inputs for audio. Anyone can come in and contribute with whatever they like, whether it’s a Laptop, a Guitar, a synth, bongos, DJ decks, a gameboy, a kazoo… basically anything that makes sound. My weapon of choice is usually the OP1 of course.

They also have visuals that the jam with.

That Brooklyn jam sounds fun. I miss New York :frowning: Have a great trip @cuckoo