Aphex Twin Video - Created by 12 Year Old

Think this is awesome. The new Aphex Twin video was filmed and directed by a 12 year old from ireland.
Richard seemingly saw the boys aphex twin and game review videos on YouTube and got him to do the video.
Kid must be so chuffed! Film makers worldwide would kill to do an aphex video!


Yeah I saw this yesterday.

I feel like it’s pretty good, there’s something of AFX in this video. Not sure it’s totally created by the child : the time the masks appear is pretty well calculated and I’m not sure a 12 yo could anticipate something like this…

But it’s pretty cool indeed :slight_smile:

EDIT : I take it back ! Ryan Wyer seems to know what he’s doing !!

yeah he’s been doing vids to aphex stuff for a minute. he really knows his aphex (really well synced dance moves to some crazy drukqs drops you really only know if you really know drukqs). he knows his shit

i’d assume warp hooked them up with the masks and shirts but the rest is probably wyer

ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBRC1lufYSQ