Aphex Twin's anonymous soundcloud

aaaaand he’s back at it again. at this point i don’t know if/when i’ll be convinced that he’s done adding to this archive. 7 new tracks added in the last few hours: https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/tracks

Great!! (Hehe, just came here to post the same thing - you beat me to it!) What a treat :slight_smile:

I guess he must be doing it to draw a line under some productions so he can get on with new stuff. Still a million times better than anything I could hope to make! Good skills Mr Twin!

Thank you @yoof and @drybones so much for this link.
Haven’t listened yet but got the 112… and had fun watching the AFX site doin cartwheels and jus bein so glad to be alive.
Very generous of him.

Thought this would be appropriate. (Night after NYE)

@spheric_el he’s already upped another 42 at this point (probably more as i write this). somehow they keep getting better and better

I really liked the one called “4 Acid Organ” that was uploaded last night.

Oh my.

yeah all these hangable auto bulb era tracks are killer

Listening to these is such a crazy trip. Because the sound is so familiar, it takes me back to my youth, to a time when he was originally putting out this type of stuff. But since I’ve never actually heard this exact stuff, it’s like it’s bringing back memories that never happened. Some kind of alternate reality nostalgia or something.

totally! it’s such a trip

Nice ^^