Aphex Twin's anonymous soundcloud

I just heard about this on elektronauts. Apparently Aphex Twin’s uploading loads of unreleased tracks here:


Yummmi !

eh… this started monday i think? general consensus is it’s over. hasn’t uploaded a track in over a day. here’s a link to a zip file containing all the tracks. some real gems in there:

^above link includes some tracks that he quickly deleted. think the soundcloud has 109 right now? there were three tracks that got deleted. also depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go with it there’s this handy google doc that contains all the info about every track he uploaded. he was commenting with some soundcloud users and occasionally changing track names based on comments most of that is reflected here. many tracks are also assigned a year of origin if you click on the individual tracks which is also reflected in the doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ouNaaVrNp60Ib34Kp0TO1n1XSc7-9DvfiZ9ZiTiD2c/edit#gid=0

It says from the 7th of Feb though.

Great links guys.

Thank you very much @Yoof & @drybones :slight_smile:

Oh and thanks for the kind words in the battle @Yoof much appreciated, and glad you enjoyed it.

Damn @drybones, the link is broken…

Mega ? Wetransfer ?

Omg you’re right… I’ve been meaning to get to a computer to grab that zip. (Cheers @drybones for the links and info)


so buried in that thread are numerous links to the archive. but i’m heading out so i don’t have time to find one. good luck guys!

oh shit. i just checked the thread real quick and he’s uploaded a new track and made the upped ones dlable so you can get them at 320 instead of 128. i’d wait for a better quality archive now…

torrent link for everything currently available in 320kbps now: 


So, how did people know it is Aphex Twin’s channel? (I don’t know much about him, except in relation to his last album relese, zillion synthesizers and Mark Morgan allegedly remixing one or two of his tracks for Fallout without attribution.)

Cheers @drybones! He just released two digital releases on bandcamp too. The bandcamp page refers to that soundcloud account.


i think that’s fake @yoof. only thing i found was a locked thread referring to it on the watmm forum.

yuh the bandcamp’s are fake. the verification thus far for the soundcloud account has been:

a)it was originally commented on by the official aphex twin account
b)it was followed by the aphex twin account and warp account
c)mike paradinas (µ-ziq) said he recognized some of the tracks from afx’s early tapes
d)many of the tracks were identified as having previously been played in afx’s live shows
e)just listen to the tracks and compare it to his old stuff…

and yeah there have been a handful of fake bandcamps come up and get taken down during this whole thing. sure there will probably be loads of people upping fakes

Thanks for pointing that out @Doggleby! (And sorry for spreading fake info!)

I just grabbed all the downloads from Soundcloud.

Thanks for the magnet link @drybones. When it comes to RKD I was only ever into Ambient 1, gonna check these out though, seems there are a lot of older tracks.

Thx @drybones !!

didn’t really care for how the magnet link was organized. when it finished it broke things up into 3 separate poorly tagged albums. here’s a mega link with better organized files in case anyone still cares as well as a brief description of how things were organized:

Finished organizing my files, and I’ve uploaded them in case anyone
wants them, free account though so I don’t know how much bandwidth/how
many downloads I’m allowed:


112 tracks (110 downloaded from Soundcloud + the 128 kbps streaming versions of the 2 that were only briefly available).

I’ve left the filenames unchanged, but tags are as follows.

Artist: AFX (it’s the hashtag he added to nearly every track and I
thought it unnecessary to make exceptions for the couple of
aphex/pbod/… ones).

Album: user48736353001

Track number: Order they were uploaded

Title: As on Soundcloud (so sometimes different from the file name)

I also added his comments and embedded the artwork for each track.