Apogee Mic+ plays well with the OP1 Field

Happy to report that the quality Apogee Mic+ is getting the power it needs from the OP1 Field and works perfectly as a usb microphone. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t support mics that require any power. Perhaps it was referring to phantom power mics. Evidently, usb mics that can run iOS don’t draw too much for the Field!

A/B testing against onboard mic… as expected the Mic+ is more detailed, richer (more warmth) and louder. The onboard mic requires a bit more drive to get it going from the same distance but is really clean!

After a couple years off the original, and only a few hours in with the Field, I am so so happy with this OPgrade :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i was just wondering about this! when you say “it was referring to phantom power” what do you mean by “it”? i cannot find out anywhere if the op-1f supports phantom power to say a condenser mic. does anyone know for sure if it can power external mics with phantom power?

OP-1f does not support phantom power for condenser mics. I think crabolsky is referring to online posts that say the OP-1f does not supply power to microphones and was surprised that the OP-1f could supply enough to power a USB condenser mic.

I think the USB mic needs 5V and a USB cable like most USB peripherals, whereas a phantom powered condenser mic usually requires 48V which is sent via a balanced audio cable.

I appreciate this information, I’ve been looking into buying a microphone to use with the OP-1f, I’ll check out the Apogee.


thanks a lot this is super helpful

Unfortunately, my old version of the Apogee Mic doesn’t work… I get the green light and the OP-1 Field recognizes it, but I don´t get any audio signal. It works fine with my Android phone, so I don’t get the point of why it doesn’t work on the OP-1.