App features and limitations

I hoped by now it would be possible to use the app for full control over OP-Z, entering notes into sequencer, on screen control of all parameters (ie turn the on screen knob/buttons and it updates on OP-Z, I know some do, and some have the touch strip) and sample editing.

This would still make OP-Z usable when (not if) your buttons stop working properly.

Also why no windows app still? Or even web version? Chrome supports midi.

Also why do photo numbers have to be always displayed on screen and not possible to hide them, makes screen capture require cropping, not good.

These seem like obvious things to me.

i agree, every time am marking a project on op-z i kinda graphically visualize pattern tracks in my head, like if my patterns where in DAW time line.
I have seen pre release demo, where they showed this kind of functionality in their prototype app.
it would definitely be awesome to have some kind of DAW like pattern visualization and editing in the app.

if you want to run op-z app on windows, its possible to run android emulator (virtual mashine). it’s not the best solution though.

photomatic shows preview image with numbers, but outputs clean hdmi image.
yes those numbers are a bit distracting in preview.

if my understanding is correct (and it could not be)
this is essentially more or less what they did with the mac app
a wrapper than runs the iOS app
i think thats one reason why the app runs so hot on the mac