Apps on Sale/Free

In an effort to keep everyones GAS in slight check I thought it would be nice to give our iPad warriors a heads up for free (music) apps.

-Novation Launchkey - FREE
-Conductr (Ableton Live controller) - FREE

I was not aware of Conductr :slight_smile:

Moving this to “Other Gear” because Videos… yeah. lol.

AD 480 Free

I didn’t know there was a free version :slight_smile:

iMPC - Major discount €1,79

The AD 480 thing is cool. Get the free one, buy the basic, buy the pro and all 3 get upgraded to pro. And you can use all 3 at once in an iOS DAW. Don’t upgrade the basic, as you’ll only have the 2.
That tip from John @MABlog.

Also, Junglator is now free, and fun!

nice little trick there with the reverbs @strata189


Oops not on sale ATM. But its been free several times.

Midi Drum Sequencer - Nord Beat 2 (FREE)

Meant to be used with the Nord Drum 2 Hardware but works perfectly as a Midi drum sequencer with any hardware. All channels can easily be mapped to any Midi note, clean layout, pattern- and song mode.

Highly recommended for triggering any drum machine gear.

July 4 app sales.

Figure is heaps of fun! I wish it had more sounds or at least more modulation.

I’ve been eyeing Cubasis, it sure does look purdy, but hello Auria for half off o.O