Arctifacts while sampling

Hi! I’m encountering a bit of an issue when trying to sample from my laptop onto my op-1, namely loud clics and other artifacts. I’ve tried two methods so far: with 3.5mm Jack - 3.5mm Jack audio cable which then goes into 6.3 jack adapter and into my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 3rd gen). The other method i’ve tried is diectly from Ableton using Asio4All and new(ish) USB over audio feature but this method is even worse in terms of artifacts, even with sample rate turned all the way down and buffer size increased to the max.

What can be the issue here? Do i need a better audio cable? Should I go the opposite way and use 6.3 jack with adapter to 3.5? How do you sample?

Thank you in advance!

Did you try to disable charging?

Yes, I am aware of the charging thing, unfortunately it’s not that

Did you buy your op1 recently in the bay area?? I got mine off-site but I think I had ash damage so I replaced my keyboard weird things were happening! But I noticed after I installed lot of problems with audio that disappeared like when I clicked the side of the metal casing on it it would register sounds on the green sound bar and anywhere I tapped with metal. It’s gone now but that was weird and Gabe me a spook!!