Arduboy - Card Sized Gaming

stumbled over this at kickstarter:


pretty cool…open platform, c++ coding. so who turns this tiny thing into a lovely micro sequencer? :slight_smile:

ive backed too many kick starters this month. so im going to skip thsi one. plus no audio out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this with the upgraded gameboy thing. maybe thats why only one gameboy per month. lol/

Tempting. I love the idea of deliberately minimalistic hardware. Do more with less, creativity through constraints and so on.

Chip also looks very interesting because of how small it is even more than the price. Mobile version looks like something I might use as a digital notepad just for the sense of nostalgia. Remember those Casio data banks? If its screen and battery life are good enough, it could make for a good programmable eReader. Or a programmable PO-1X competitor. :wink:

On the other hand, we already have a plethora of MP3 players, eBook readers, cameras, smart watches and smartphones. The problem is that most of them are hard to program because of “walled garden” approach, app stores, etc. They also often have pretty horrible usability/design.

One big question I have is why no one does anything with eInk. It’s the coolest technology of early 21st century and it’s totally squandered.

Sorry, I went almost entirely off-topic.

I went in for the PocketCHIP. Looks like nice little portable Linux machine. Can offload files from OP-1 on the go, route MIDI-USB devices, maybe find some Linux synths. Should be lots of fun. And the PocketCHIP isn’t much more than a Raspberry Pi on its own.

Wow. Pocket chip looks very cool.

The pocket chip DOES seem really nice. I’m too impatient to wait a year for one though… :stuck_out_tongue: