Are master effects/EQ capture in Out to In (ear) resampling?

Just curious what the easiest way to apply effects to an already recorded track would be, assuming it’s longer than 12 seconds and thus not able to be lifted into a drum sampler. Is this possible?

Master effects are recorded with the ear function. Be careful with the drive and also make sure to turn off ear before moving to another take. It doesn’t shut itself off when moving between screens the way the radio does.

Great, thanks!

I’ve stopped using ear because I’ve found you can never trust it – for some reason it’s never “what you hear is what you get”, the resulting tape track is always too quiet or clipped, for me at least.

Now I just record to album and use a computer to move that onto a tape track. More tedious, but sounds much better.

I didn’t have an issue with too quiet or clipping when I messed with it today, but it does do something as the resulting recording lacked definition compared to the source. Not a HUGE deal, but a little bit blah.