Are PO-137 FX identical to PO-35 FX?

Does the Rick and Morty branded PO-137 feature unique effects, or is it just replacing the pictures and default sounds of the PO-35 Speak?

They are the same except for the pre-loaded sounds. I have a PO-35 and I was able to load a PO-137 backup.


So i just got the PO-137 and it says the FX type for button 12 is a “build up” but thats not what it does or says on the LCD. On the LCD it says BEND, and just does kind of a morph.

Is this a change others havent noticed?

Not sure about the LCD, but both user guides have the same description for effect 12.

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Correct, the one that came with p0-137 does say that in the booklet, but i can assure you that is not what that FX button does(at least my copy), there is no build, and it says " Fm bend". Kind of annoying, as I was hoping to use the buildup.

The effect is exactly the same, it’s just the letters on the display which say something different

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